«Rivers without Boundaries» Registered !

sertifikat.jpgGood News!Thanks to restless efforts of Ganbold — RwB Coordinator in Mongolia, Rivers without Boundaries  International Coalition  became a registered NGO in Mongolia.

Such registration ( that would be almost impossible in China and  painfully difficult in Russia) allows the Coalition greater flexibility and provides additional opportunities in advocacy and fund-raising.   However this move by no means  changes the general RwB policy to work as a network of NGOs, activists and experts and not just as an independent NGO. Thus in Mongolia RwB presently closely cooperates with Onon-Ulz River Movement, United Movement of Mongolian Rivers and Lakes, «Let’s Save the Tuul River!» National Movement, Mongolian Nature Protection Civil Movements Coalition, Khentii, Onon Protection Movement, etc. Current focus in Mongolia — implementation of the «Law with long Name» and controlling placer gold mining on transboundary rivers of  Eastern Mongolia.  But  also in future  RwB  in Mongolia plans  to assess new hydropower and water diversion schemes,  engage in basin-wide management planning in transboundary river basins ,  look into water-related impacts of large investment projects,  re-examine and support improvement of the  National Water Program.