Water infrastructure in Argun River Basin

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Water Infrastructure Projects in the Argun River Basin

Name and Location

Water Diverted Annually, in km?



Hailaer-Dalai Canal


Water supply to Manzhuoli, Dalai Lake replenishment, irrigation Under construction since July 2008
Huhuaerji Water Management System, Yimin River


Water supply, thermal electric power plant, flood control, irrigation, etc. To be completed in 2009
Zhaluomude Water Management System, Hailaer River

up to 0.5

Flood control, hydroelectric power, water supply, irrigation Project approved and financed by the Ministry of Water Management
Huihe Reservoir, Huihe River


Irrigation Complete
Zhashuhe -Yakeshi City Hydoelectric Power Plant


Hydroelectric power, irrigation Project approved by the Ministry of Water Management
10 small reservoirs in Yakeshi area


Multipurpose Unknown
Water diversion facility to Xilingol mining operation, Halhingol(Halaha) River


Thermal electric power plant and water supply to industrial facilities As of 2008, the project is in the approval stage
Other facilities


Water supply, irrigation Project mentioned in long-term infrastructure plans
Total withdrawal in the upper Argun (mostly Hailaer) River basin


Current withdrawal of groundwater from Hailaer river floodplain not yet added here
Average annual flow of Argun River to the Zaibaikalie region


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