UN Review of Human Rights in Mongolia

In November 2010 UN Human Rights Council held hearings on situation with human rights in Mongolia as a part of «universal periodic review -UPR».

In NGO consultation process an Environment-Mining-Human Rights thematic group was formed by over 50 environmental and human rights civil society organizations, that developed detailed Report on Environment-Mining-Human Rights in Mongolia.

The report was complied by D. Sukhgerel of the OT Watch ,   N. Bayarsaikhan of Steps without Border,   D. Erdenechimeg of the  Center for Human Rights and Dev?t  and          S. Gereltsetseg of the  Environmental NGO Network.

Among other issues report addresses danger associated with water transfer from Orkhon and Kherlen rivers to South Gobi mines.PDF copy available here.

Official UN report resulting from the meeting  states that:»…the use of toxic chemical substances in mining has led to contamination of soil and air in several settlements counting hundreds of dead and many more still suffering from various forms of illnesses.» In the section III on «challenges and constrains» two out of three point to adverse  impacts of mining operations on wide array of human rights. For official documentation of the review —see UN website.

Although attention to unsustainable mining is still inadequate,  this is an evidence that UN mechanisms could be used to address these issues in international arena.

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