Project team information

Full Title: Expanding protected areas in Argun Midflow and bird monitoring network in Daurai ecoregion on Russia-China-Mongolia Border

Supported by: Conservation Leadership Programme and DIPA.

Summary: In 2007 we documented and publicized the fact that wetlands of Argun River are critically endangered due to lack of conservation management and expanding human pressures in the dry phase of local climate cycle. In 2008 we use developed body of knowledge to assist improving conservation management of wetlands in Argun river valley and eastern part of Daurian ecoregion.

Project will work towards connecting wetland areas on Argun River wetlands with Dauria International Protected Area (DIPA), which has capacity to manage and monitor it. To link data on local bird migration, water cycle and water transfer we will develop monitoring system for wetland habitat combining field surveys with RS analysis for Eastern Dauria. Project will design and try out a common programme for Dauria to be used by DIPA and local students.

Team Leader Contact Details:

Co-leader: Evgeny Simonov (international work and framework, activities in Russia and Mongolia). Address: China. 150040 Heilongjiang Province. Haerbin City. Haping Street 107-11. door #1, apt 401 (Yuan Da Du Shi Lv Zhou . 2 qi, #11, danyuan#1, 401) or Russia, Ononskii Rajon, Selo Nizhny Tasuchei, Daursky Zapovednik. Tel: 86-139-36260032, 86-451-87081568.

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