Crisis in Dauria

Hailaer-Dalai Water Transfer Project is in progress now. This dangerous water infrastructure project stands to cause serious damage to the ecosystems within the Russia-China transboundary nature reserve network, especially at the Erka, Huliyetu, and Erguna nature reserves wetlands. Projected impacts to the Dalai Lake Biosphere Reserve are no less severe. In all, significant alterations to the water cycle on the Daurian steppe will directly affect 2000 km? of valley/floodplain habitat along the region’s rivers and 2300 km? of the Dalai Lake protected area. The Hailaer-Dalai water transfer project alone will lead to alarming environmental degradation across a total 1 million hectares of China’s nature reserve territory. Should the projects be completed, these unique ecosystems will suffer irreparable damage that will mean a loss of biodiversity and sustainability.

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