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rivers without boundaries The Kherlen, Khalkh, Argun, Uldz and Onon rivers of the great Daurian Steppe are under great threat! China, Russia, and Mongolia share all these rivers and face severe impacts from climate change, yet are over-using these water resources and failing to unite their efforts to address environmental and water security in these transboundary river basins.

The Hailaer/Argun River-Dalai Lake water diversion canal project is a vivid example of nations’ desire to control transboundary waters within their territories with complete disregard for common sense and international interests. This canal is certain to trigger a dangerous pattern of environmental degradation among the remaining interconnected natural river basins in that Dauria and Amur watershed. This is a very poorly known and rarely publicized problem that requires immediate attention from the world community. Great biodiversity, unique ecosystems, and entire human communities are at great risk of losing the world’s most valuable resource – WATER!

The “Save Dauria Rivers!” website provides comprehensive information on these issues and efforts to stave off the potentially disastrous impacts of the proposed water infrastructure projects in the transboundary Argun/Hailaer River basin. Together, we will develop a set of minimum conservation requirements that will be observed in similar international river basins.

We hope that this site will stimulate dialogue and help develop collaborative approaches regarding river basin conservation and sustainable water resource use in transboundary river ecosystems.

We would like to thank all the organizations taking part in these efforts:

Please send us your comments, ideas, suggestions and informational material at: simonov [at] riverswithoutboundaries.org

Rivers without Boundaries Movement site development team:
Eugene Simonov, Alexander Kolotov, Oleg Korsun, and Egor Malkov (Russia);
Zhang Yadong (China); Audrey Wood (USA)

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