Архив за месяц: Декабрь 2010


Controversial article by Keith Harmon Snow investigates example of The Asia Foundation(TAF) in Mongolia to show how international (environmental ) foundations are serving needs of transnational mining companies and western governments.

» While pumping money into domestic civic organizations, subversive neocolonial entities like TAF also impose limitations on grant recipients. NGOs affiliated with the MNPC began to notice ‘donor preferences’—where funds were channeled to the NGOs that remained more silent and acquiescent about government policies, and especially those that did not protest against mining companies. Mongolian NGOs were expected to defer to TAF when dealing with the media, and they were compelled to sign contracts forbidding them from publicly protesting against mining companies or government policies. TAF also worked to determine and control the members of the boards overseeing the environmental coalitions that received TAF funds. Ultimately, river coalition members found they had no control over their own groups: TAF tried to maintain all control.«Article is full of very interesting material including quotes from interviews with NGO and Foundation leaders, like  this one with TAF employee: «… there’s a Canadian mining company that has a mining site out in Dornod,» Rebecca Darling says. «They have asked The Asia Foundation to come out and deliver community engagement seminars for them, as one of their goals is to have community engagement. We won’t go out to talk to the people about uranium, we go to talk to them about how to talk to the mining company, teaching them where their rights are, what legal avenues they have. We try to build transparency. We are trying to get them to engage»…
«Some citizens engage in unproductive and illegal ways.» Now Rebecca Darling is responding to my questions about civil society protests against mining operations. «They show up at the gates of companies and threaten violence. Their leader’s name is Munkhbayar, from the Onggi River Movement. We had to cease and desist all support of the NGO coalition. We are not working with these six groups in any way because they broke the law and they advocate breaking the law. Most of them I have a tremendous amount of respect for, they are civic activists, and it’s true that there have already been environmental problems.»

The article portrays  «united front» of corrupted government officials, mining companies and western donors and NGOs,  collectively engaged in supporting  invasion of predatory capitalism into Mongolia. Although the  article sometimes grossly deviates from political correctness and does not present 100% evidence for each accusation it lists, nevertheless it is a good orientation reading for anyone  inclined to influence mining policies and practices in Mongolia.

Full article  in pdf format here

Original article can found on  http://www.consciousbeingalliance.com/