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The Fifth International Siberian Rivers Conference will take place in April 2010

Fifth International Siberian Rivers Conference

Tomsk, Russia, April 16-1 8, 2010

Bulletin No. 1

The Siberian Environmental Agency and other interested parties are will hold the Fifth International Rivers of Siberia Conference on April 16-18, 2010, an event dedicated to conserving rivers in Siberia and other areas of the world.


We ask you and your colleagues to consider participating in this conference and inform us of your participation via email before March 20, 2010 (please complete and send the attached application form). 



  • Siberian Environmental Agency, Tomsk, Russia
  • ISAR-Siberia, Novosibirsk, Russia
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia
  • Pacific Environment
  • Rivers without Boundaries Coalition
  • Siberian Rivers Network



  • Tomsk Region Administration
  • Global Greengrants Fund
  • WWF Russia
  • We also welcome support from other organizations and foundations!



  • Civil society representatives from throughout Russia, Asia, Europe, and America
  • Government and municipality representatives
  • Scientific community and research institution representatives
  • Water consumers
  • Media


The suggested discussion topics are as follows:

  • The public’s role in discussing commercial/infrastructural (hydropower, sewage, etc.) and recreational uses of inter-regional rivers.
  • Changes in water resource management legislation
  • Oil and gas development’s effect on rivers
  • Sustainable hydropower and water infrastructure development. Alternatives to large dams. Energy efficiency.
  • The state of Siberia’s large hydropower dams and plans for building new dams. Results of the public campaigns regarding the Evenkiiskaya and Boguchanskaya dams.
  • Mining and rivers.
  • New approaches to teaching conscientious water-use and respect for natural water resources in environmental education programs


Plenary Session and Focused Discussions

Letters and resolutions regarding the condition of Siberian rivers will be prepared during the conference, as will a plan of action for environmental NGOs working to preserve unique river ecosystems. Conference participants may send suggestions for letters and resolutions prior to the start of the conference.


Organizational Information

Official language: Russia (with translation into English)

Deadline for submitting applications and materials for publication in the conference compendium: before March 20, 2010

Personal invitations and Bulletin No. 2 will be sent out before March 31, 2010

Conference dates: April 16-18, 2010 in Tomsk, Russia

Contact information: main alexeytoropov@gmail.com, secondary greentomsk@gmail.com

Travel and Accommodation Cost Reimbursement

The organizing committee can reimburse travel and accommodation costs for conference participants representing civil society organizations. Because the organizing committee has limited funds, priority for travel and accommodation cost reimbursement will be given to participants planning to speak during the conference that submit their publication materials on time and send suggestions for final letters and resolutions (this will be confirmed in a personal invitation).


Conference Compendium

The organizers will publish a compendium prior to the beginning of the conference. An article should be no more than four А4-sized pages long, including graphics, tables, and bibliography, (should follow Form No. 2 formatting as outlined below). Articles must be received before March 20, 2010.


Correspondence with the author will be primarily via email. The organizers request that you please provide a primary and secondary email address to avoid missing messages, and further request that you request delivery receipts to messages sent to the organizers.

Siberian Rivers Conference application


Formatting Rules:

Report title (Times New Roman, bold, Center, 12pt font)

A.B. Ivanov1, R.I. Sibirev (Times New Roman, normal, Center, 12)

1Siberian Environmental Agency, Russia, greentomsk@gmail.com

2Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russia , 16-18_Aprill_2010@tpu.ru

Materials should not exceed four A-4 sized pages, including images, graphs, and bibliography. Electronic files will be accepted via email as an attached Word file (versions up to and including 2003), with the first author’s last name as the title. The following MUST be provided in English: report title, authors’ last names, organization, and brief annotation. Written materials should be presented in MSWord for Windows format, 12pt. Times New Roman font, single-spaced, justified, wrapped text, indent 1 cm, 2.5 cm margins. Extra spaces are not permitted. Tables and graphs should be on separate pages, with titles. Images should be in black and white and in standard formats .cdr, .jpg, .eps, .tiff, .bmp and attached as separate files with by-lines. References to images and tables should be in parentheses (Picture 1), (Table 1); literary references should be in square brackets [1]. Image by-lines should be in 12pt. Times New Roman font, underneath the image. The bibliography should be in alphabetical order in italicized 10pt. Times New Roman font, and separated from the main by of the text by skipping a line.


1. Ivanov, A.I., Koptyugov, P.A. Sustainable Water Use …….etc.

2. Lisitsyn, I.S., Petryak, V.V. Spill Response … etc.