Архив за месяц: Июль 2008


Chinese industrialists are ready to destroy the unique natural ecosystem of a reserve located at the Russian border. The dust having not settled yet about the leak of phosgene in a distant Tsitsikar, the press brings the news about outrageous ecological violations in the city of Manchuria situated on the Russian-Chinese border.

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Argun River is a threatened globally important site of cranes, geese, swans and other birds

The China Crane News Bulletin published Oleg Goroshko’s article on endangered birds of the Argun-Erguna River. The Argun is an important habitat for many Eurasian and Australasian wetland birds, including endangered species like the Red-crowned Crane, Swan Goose, and Great Bustard. Rapid development in local human communities is puts increasing pressure on the region’s and is threatening the integrity of the fragile Daurian wetlands.

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